Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011    September 26-December 31

Monday: Beijing Hot Noodles LPO: cucumbers
Wednesday: Smoked gouda and chipotle grits
Friday: Enchiladas 

 Beijng Hot noodles- easy enough, but needs work

Bean Enchiladas, with homemade salsa and guacamole-Keeper

Smoked gouda and chipotle grits- OK

December 19-23rd

Tuesday: Rosemary Chicken Comfort Food  LPO: potatoes    
Wednesday: Red Curry Salmon chowder  LPO:    
Thursday: Roasted chicken and veggies (winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets) LPO: potatoes, sweet potatoes  
Friday: GF chicken pot pie  LPO: carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes
Saturday: GF pizza with leftover roasted vegies, spinach and feta cheese LPO: sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach
Sunday: Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls, Daube Provencal served with mashed potatoes. LPO: carrots, onions, potatoes

Rosemary Chicken Comfort food- Keeper

 Red Curry Salmon Chowder- Keeper
 Gluten Free Pizza- Keeper
 Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls- Keeper
 Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie- Keeper
Daube Provencal- Keeper

December 12-16th 
Sunday: Salmon, fresh broccoli
Monday: Chickpea spinach curry LPO: spinach    
Tuesday: Quiche and salad- LPO: carrots, broccoli   
Wednesday: Polenta with roasted tomatoes and greens LPO: Cooking greens  
Thursday: Halibut and sweet potato chowder LPO: sweet potato, onion

 Chickpea spinach curry- Keeper

Polenta with roasted tomatoes and greens- Keeper


Halibut and sweet potato chowder- OK

December 4-10
Monday: Winter squash soup with chipotle cornbread muffins
Tuesday: Saffron chicken with roast vegies
Wednesday: Keilbasa cooked in beer with onions and cabbage

Chipotle cornbread muffins- Keeper

Pumpkin soup- keeper

Saffron chicken- Keeper

Kielbasa cooked in beer with onions and cabbage- Keeper

November 28-Dec 2nd
Sunday: Grilled salmon, fresh steamed green beans, roasted beets LPO: green beans, beets
Monday: Cabbage and Kielbasa  LPO:  cabbage
Tuesday:  Swiss chard and potato soup  LPO: swiss chard, onions, potatoes
Wednesday: Roast chicken, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, green beans, pomegranate tapioca  LPO: mixed herbs, sweet potatoes. green beans, potatoes, carrots, pomegranate
Thursday:  leftovers, I suspect. 
Saturday: Cranberry nut bread LPO: oranges, cranberries 

Grilled salmon, fresh green beans- Keeper

 Kielbasa and cabbage- Keeper

Swiss chard and potato soup- Keeper

Roast chicken with vegies- Keeper

Cranberry Nut bread- Keeper

November 20-26

Sunday: Grilled salmon, fresh steamed green beans LPO: green beans
Monday: Frittata  LPO:  chard, onions, (mushrooms)
Tuesday: Old English Fish Pie LPO: parsley, potatoes 
Thursday: Turkey brined in buttermilk, corn bread stuffing with sage, sweet potato casserole, pies LPO: herbs, sweet potatoes, celery  

Frittata- Keeper

Old English Fish Pie- Keeper

Pumpkin pie with gluten free crust- Keeper

Buttermilk pecan pie with gluten free crust- Keeper

Buttermilk brined turkey- Keeper
Sweet potato casserole- Interesting...
Cornbread stuffing with sage- Keeper

November 14-18th
Sunday: Pressure cooker chicken soup LPO: carrots 
Monday: Fast chicken strips, steamed green beans  LPO:  green beans
Tuesday: Chicken pot pie LPO: sweet potatoes, carrots, onions
Wednesday: Tacos LPO: lettuce, avocados, green chile 

 Chicken soup- OK, not a keeper. Thank you for the photo.

 Fast chicken strips- Keeper

Chicken pot pie- keeper with spice modifications

November 7-11th

Sunday: Pumpkin soup , kale chips LPO: pumpkin, kale
Monday:  Roast chicken and vegies, broccoli LPO: carrots, potatoes, turnips, broccoli 
Tuesday:  Vegetable and chorizo soup LPO: turnip, green beans, sweet potato, carrot, (tomatoes) 
Wednesday: Grilled millet and butternut squash cakes, sauteed kale LPO: kale, (butternut squash) 

Pumpkin soup- Keeper

Roast chicken with root vegetables- Keeper

Hearty vegetable soup- Keeper

Grilled millet and butternut squash cakes- Not a keeper

October 31-November 4th

Monday: Slow cooker Chicken tortilla soup LPO: green chiles, onions, (tomatoes)
Tuesday: Provencal zucchini and greens torte LPO: zucchini, spinach,onions, (chard)
Wednesday: Spiced lentil soup with roasted tomatoes and eggplant LPO: kale, (eggplant, tomatoes)
Thursday: Roasted vegetable pizza LPO: (swiss chard), sweet potatoes

 Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup- Keeper

Provencal zucchini and greens torte- Keeper

Spiced lentil soup with roasted tomatoes and eggplant- Keeper

Roasted sweet potato, garlic, chard, and feta pizza- Keeper
October 24-28th

Monday: Pasta puttanesca, salad  LPO:  lettuce
Tuesday: Potato and leek soup, salad . LPO: potatoes, mixed greens
Wednesday: Meat loaf, sauteed kale, roasted squash  LPO: kale, squash
Thursday: Slow cooker Chile Verde, corn tortillas  LPO:  green chile

 Pasta Puttanesca- Keeper

Potato Leek Soup- I'll stick with the one without the dill

 Meat loaf, sauteed kale, baked squash- Keeper to all


 Chile Verde- Slow Cooker- OK, but not a keeper for me

October 10-15th

Sunday: Pizza with sauteed chard with garlic, roma slices, olives, and cheese. Pizza dough recipe already posted.  My garden: tomatoes, LPO: chard
Monday: Mini skillet meatloaves, fresh steamed broccoli . My garden: parsley, LPO: garlic, broccoli
Tuesday: Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with weeknight no-knead bread. My garden: tomatoes
Wednesday: Sausage and Kale Tart with Salad LPO: chard, sausage, lettuce
Thursday: Chickpea and Spinach Stew LPO: spinach

Pizza with sauteed chard and garlic, romas, olives, and cheese- Keeper

Mini skillet meatloaves- Keeper

Roasted tomato basil soup- Keeper

Sausage and Kale Tart- Nice, but I don't think I'd make it again.

September 26-October 1st 

Monday: Quiche with roasted cauliflower and greens with a nut crust, chocolate shortcakes with raspberries. LPO: cauliflower, greens, zucchini, onion (raspberries, chard)
Tuesday: Grilled chicken with tandoori marinade, steamed broccoli. LPO:  broccoli, Wednesday:  leftovers- went to meeting about putting a new Walmart on the west side
Thursday: Whole roasted snapper, kale chips, potato wedgesLPO: potatoes, garlic, kale

Canning: Crushed roma tomatoes, salsa, raspberry jam, eggplant chutney 

Turkey burger- Keeper 

Beet chips- Keeper

Roasted Cauliflower Quiche- keeper

Chocolate Raspberry Shortcakes- Keeper

Potato Wedges- Keeper

Kale chips- Keeper
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Crushed tomatoes

Raspberry jam

Eggplant chutney