Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rhubarb bread for bread machine

A nice bread, not too sweet. I got the recipe from the Rhubarb Compendium. I made the larger loaf.

for 1 lb. loaf                         1 1/2 lb loaf

3/4 C.      chopped rhubarb               1 C.
3/4 C.      water                         1 C.
1/4 t.      finely shredded orange peel   1/2 t.
1 T.        butter or margarine           2 T.
1 1/3 C.    whole wheat flour             2 C.
2/3 C.      bread flour                   1 C.
2 T.        brown sugar                   3 T.
1/2 t.      salt                          3/4 t.
1/4 t.      ground cinnamon               1/2 t.
1 t.        active dry yeast              1 t.


In medium saucepan combine rhubarb and water. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, for 5 min. or till rhubarb is tender. Measure rhubarb-water mixture and add water if necessary to equal 1 C. [1 1/3 C.] Cool slightly. Add ingredients to machine according to manufacturer's direction.


per serving: 69 cal, 2 g protien, 13 g. carbo. 1 g. fat (0 g. saturated), 0 g. cholesterol, 77 mg. sodium, 73 mg. potassium.

**Very soft loaf. Did not add the orange peel. Very nice.


  1. That's a good looking loaf! I just made a loaf of rhubarb bread too. However I took a slightly different approach and used rhubarb jam instead of using fresh rhubarb.

  2. Hi Marsha- I'd love to hear how your rhubarb bread turned out using jam! Send me the recipe via email- and if you have a picture, I'll post it.