Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sandia Agua Fresca

My little watermelon looked like it had gotten too cold in storage, so I immediately turned mine into agua fresca. Mint Tulip, a vegan restaurant on Central, makes the most lovely sandia agua fresca. The owner told me that she uses just a little agave nectar, so that is what I used. Here is a recipe to get you started from another blog called Daisy Cooks.

1/2 Watermelon
Sugar to taste

Slice Watermelon in half. Place the open side down (flat) and slice in half again. Now slice that half in half so you have a fourth. I like to slice that in half again and then cut the watermelon right along the curved line of seeds so that I can easily remove them. Place the large chunks of watermelon in the blender. Blend with sugar and water to taste.

**I used the whole watermelon. Since it is organic, I didn't worry about seeding it. I just let the seed bits fall to the bottom of the blender and didn't pour them out. I used a little squirt of agave nectar and not much water.

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